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Bright For Life™

Pelham Links In Greenville, SC Offers Bright For Life Teeth Whitening 

You take care of yourself and want to look your best.  However, the years can cause teeth to lose their youthful white appearance and show their age.  Turn back time with Pelham Links “Bright for Life™” program.




This nationally recognized program, a leader in it’s field, provides you with a professionally designed tooth whitening system… for life!  For a similar cost to inferior over-the-counter tooth whitening systems, you’ll be fitted with a custom made whitening tray by dental professionals and given a complete treatment of teeth whitening gels.  You are also enrolled as a Pelham Links Bright for Life™ VIP member with the benefit of a FREE refresher gel given at each regularly scheduled six month hygiene visit.*


· Significant cost savings—the national average for professional tooth whitening is over $500!

· A professional tooth whitening with custom fitted gel trays.

· Ultradent’s Opalescence professional quality whitening system.

· A free maintenance whitening gel with each regularly scheduled oral hygiene visit.

· Pelham Links Dental VIP program enrollment.

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Bright For Life™ is a registered trademark of Pelham Links Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.  The doctors of Pelham Links developed this world renowned system of teeth whitening combined with ongoing hygiene visits and have lectured on this concept nationally.

* A free week’s refresher gel supply is given at each six-month hygiene visit.  If the patient does not continue meeting their hygiene visits each six months, they will lose this benefit.  Our goal is to keep your smile healthy and looking Bright For Life!